Saturday, 13 August 2011

no words anymore

mood Out in of Mine
there such a lot thing to think . it such bad and good condition.
im speechless ._. just one thing , may everthing will be OK and Fine. insyallah

baru balik tengok tok kt kg.may u get well soon.sayang tok  :)
bz for doing my ETR assgmnt. all the best 
for my groupmate( MAYRA.WANI.ONA AND FATIN ) .
 may it will be good presentation for us next week amin ..All the best !

  not really prepared for test3 investment and om quizzes..urhhh :(
hope the proposal will be done for the upcoming event .
due date must be submitted to Hea next week.
oh so busy.. i hope it will be completed soon.insyallah