Wednesday, 20 June 2012


when the date is 16 May 2012
i'm officially dip graduated :) alhamdullilah .
i just can't realize how fast the time is..

credit and a million thank you :
for abah and mama yang sentiase support along . i love both of you so much .
for adik-adik jugak , tqsm :)
for kawan-kawan tqsm for all the things you do for me, ader mase duka ader mase ketawe .
for lecturer UiTM Perak and UiTM Melake 

ok lah bloggies,
the memoir captured by the photo"s 
mostly dedicated for those who coming my convocation day and give present, TQSM :)
TQ .....> abah and mama and my love adik2
TQ......> Makngah and pakngah
TQ......> cik era MY BESTIE for coming
TQ.......> MY BFF tika
TQ.......>  matul , mus and others .



tq for coming my loves :)


bff era :)

with fyqa

my bff tika :)

with nisa

with ieqa :)

with q :)

with sam :)

* sorry sebb tak dapat upload pic yg lain. byk sgt lah. heee