Sunday, 4 December 2011

i wish.wish u are mine .


I wish,iwish,wish u,wish u .
U are MINE :)
iM :) happy becoz 2 my wishlist  is complete in this year 2011. 
like im really love the no. that is 11 .
alhamdulilah, thanx to allah S.W.T first becoz it is all about ''redha dan izinnya"
so my pink collection semakin's pretty it pink so much.hee
sory everybody, im just want to sharing what makes me happy even it have sad story behind that.
so thanx.thanx.thanx :) 
you make feel HAPPY . a lot of hugs and kiss :)

the first and the latest.introduce  my boyfie SONY NEX-C3 PINK
sory,saya agak worse menggunakannya.still learning and hugs gergasi :)

the second Buffalo pink hardisk

hee.tq sebab jadi milik saya :)