Thursday, 29 December 2011

ceritera hati disember

A SPECIAL friend is hard to FIND,
HaRd to LOSE And impossible to FORGET.
TRUE friends are never be APART
maybe in DISTANCE

* im maybe not the best,good, friend to you but im try to be the good person even i care your heart too much, i'm also have heart to taking good care  BUT one more thing i'm friends with you dengan ikhlas. so accept as who i am. im not perfect. ._. sekadar berkate ._.

TODAY , IN this dec month, half of my friends , close friend , bff and wahatever.  dilahirkan pada dec month. i wish all of you : semoga panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki, berjaya di dunia dan akhirat and sentiasa mendapat keredhaan darinya, insyallah.coming soon dah tahun baru, so tak terlambat nak wish kat korang sume agaian.a lot of love : nurulfarihabaharudin :)

born 1 dec 1990
still remember until now dear,

my bestie skol rendah jaja :)

her name intan.. love her so much :D

born 3dec
met her at UiTM malacca
tq for being nice and gd frens dear :)

my sweetie, cik tika :)
born 11dec,
sayalah :)

born 14 Dec
kak zety, met her  since tuition class
even now we're not close as before
im still remember you as my sis. :)
kak zety cute :) igt lagi tyme akk dtg birthday party dulu.hehe

15 dec
my loves one , mama 

i love you mama.. so much..mmuahh :D

born 20 dec
adik no4, pesanan khas tolong jangan jadi adik yang nakal.haha ._>
adik ;)

born 22 dec
dear cik ra, met her since i transfer from uitm perak to melaka
tq for being nice for me and sory for everthing darl. 
keep the smile darl hoho ._.

born 30 dec
dear ona, happy birthday.
even we are far away im still remember yr special dates. hee

cik ona :)